AMD cuts Fury Nano to $500

Discussion created by black_zion on Jan 11, 2016
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Going forward, the MSRP for AMD’s Mini-ITX powerhouse card will be $499. That’s a $150 discount from the launch price, which makes the Nano the cheapest Fiji card on the market.

That makes it the same price as the R9 Fury, while the Fury X costs $130 more. Honestly it makes the regular Fury a nonstarter at that price as under normal gaming situations it's not like the Nano throttles that much, especially if you were to run the fan as if it was the Fury, and since the Fury Nano is not cut down like the regular Fury is and has 500 more USPs.The thing is too, the XSPC Razor R9 Fury Nano Water Block is only $125, so if you have a custom liquid loop, it makes more sense to buy the Nano, since you would end up spending $5 less total than you would on just the Fury X.