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    computer locking up


      is there any type of diagnostic tool available to see why my computer might be locking up. It only does it in game (MWO) and it just started doing this yesterday.




      I7 4790K

      2 x Asus DOCII 290x's

      16GB DDR 2133 Avexir core series

      MSI Gaming 5 mobo

      Dual open water loops (All EK, All nickle plates, all acrylic hard tubing)

      Corsair AX 860i PSU


      driver : 

      Driver Packaging Version



      I had real problems originally gettin my crossfire set up to even engage during MWO, but it's not a supported game so I gave it no thought, just understood. After hitting the game forums I found a set of settings that made it work so it was fluid and I finally got notification that the corssfire was working. Now, very randomly, the game locks up, along with the whole computer, does not crash to desktop but just hangs in the middle of game and I have to hard reboot to get any movement, I can't alt tab out, I can't alt f4 out of game, nothing.....I have had to hard reboot 4 times since last night, it seems rather random at this point and I can't figure it out. If anyone knows how to check the veracity of my hardware (without pulling it out of my system lol because, well, tubes and water cooling, would take hours)

      Thanks for any help in advance......


      Also of note, I now get artifacting on the desktop in the form of horizontal lines in random spots...

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          Did this issue occur on older drivers?


          Is any part of your computer overclocked? If so, please put it back to default.


          Does the crashing only occur in this game? If it does, it's likely related to the game. You might want to try disabling CrossFire for this particular title to see if that resolves the issue.

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              I have deliberately NOT overclocked anything so far, though I'm certainly set up to do so. I listed the driver set in the original note ::) but they are the absolute latest crimson drivers, as a matter of fact, I just re-installed them. So far, the locking up is only in game, but the artifacting is happening on my desktop, outside of the game, and when the game is not running at all. I managed to settle down the locking up last night by turning off shadows in my settings for the game itself, so it did not lock up, but the artifacting on the desktop is still present. This is a relatively new system (about a month old) I know it's not heat issues, I have never seen either card get above 43 degrees under full load. Just wondering if there are any tools to check each card individually. it will be a large dose of suck if I have to pull one out as it will shut down my comp until whatever is resolved, the cooling system will preclude just running one card

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              I still have issues, it is further and fewer between. i feel like it might be related to power, I might not have enough. i have an AX830i and am powering 2 x R9 290x's and a full water cooling system (dual open loop) and a 4790k proc, I have the proc OC'd now to 4.4 (way below what I think it should go to)


              Is there a place to put in requests for xfire profiles??? so I can maybe add my voice to others over there not being a profile, especially since the option to "force" crossfire is now gone with crimson?????