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    Problem with my ati radeon r5 m330 and windows 10



      I just bought a laptop HP (i5-5200U) has installed an ATI Radeon dedicated R5 M330 2GB card and comes with Windows 10, which I upgraded to the fullest.

      I wanted to check that the display adapter that uses the computer is the Ati adapter, and I've found that using the Intel HD Graphics 5500 (integrated in the processor adapter). I installed the latest Catalyst Control Center, but can not find it anywhere how to make Windows 10 only and exclusively use the ATI Radeon card that has the computer installed.

      Anyone has happened? How did you resolve?

      Thank you

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          Your laptop has switchable graphics. By default, normal web browsing is handled by the IGP (Intel) graphics and demanding 3D applications are handled by the discrete (AMD) graphics. Your computer power plan should be set to Performance, not 'balanced'. The Intel drivers are also the default OGL applications. The laptop will also use the Intel graphics instead of the AMD graphics when the laptop is on battery power. In the control panel you should find a choice to assign the high power graphics (AMD) to specific games/applications. Check your owners manual. Some laptops have the option in the bios to change the graphics solution from 'switchable' or 'dynamic' to 'fixed' or 'static' which would disable the Intel graphics and force the laptop to use the discrete AMD graphics. Not all have this option.