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16.1 update so unstable I've reverted back a driver for the first time ever

Question asked by fendergreg on Jan 11, 2016

Once installed many programs wouldn't open in full screen, I had to get Steam to open them windowed. All programs I've never had trouble with before I must add.
Also Fallout 4, which would open full screen, wouldn't go 5 mins without crashing and windows telling me that AMD graphics drivers had failed.
I had never gone back drivers before but 16.1 was just not bearable and creating problems I didn't have before!


PC Setup:
Windows 10

Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0

AMD FX-8350

XFX HD7870 Black Edition Overclocked

XFX R7870 DD GHz Edition

2x4Gb G.Skill 1600MHz CL9