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    My rig (upto now)


      Converted to PC gaming about a year and half ago and I had a tight budget so here are the specs (everything sourced from eBay)


      asrock 990fx extreme3 motherboard

      amd fx6300 (running at 4.4ghz with 212 Evo cooler)

      8gb hyper X fury 2400hz

      sapphire R9 270 2gb (decent card but the 2gb is struggling right now for me)

      (had) seasonic 520w 80+ bronze but just upgraded to evga gq 750w 80+ gold (two reasons,one I wanted modular so I can try sort my cables out and b, I'm hoping i can convince wife to left me upgrade gpu)

      120gb Samsung 850 Evo (wish I had more)

      750gb seagate hhd and 500gb seagate too

      Non branded dvdr drive

      all wrapped up in a £30 case (all I could afford,looks ok though,sorry about pic,don't have a monitor so lives under tv lol)