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    World of Tanks anyone?


      Hello there fellow tankers/AMD users


      I was wondering if anyone of you play WoT? And how is the AMD GPU perform for this game? Im currently using GTX 690 it does the job for now, but i could see the growing demend for graphics quality for this game and i have a feeling soon i will need a better card that is actually hardware capable  instead of software update from nVidia to handle it. I been waitting for the new line of GPU and CPU to come out this year! And i hope AMD will deliver what they said on paper. I always have AMD CPU on all my rigs, i just never use their line of GPU, figure I could get some oppinion in here.


      Thank you all

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          Frankie (Ugly but Sweet)

          the link to my rig call "Frankie" please give me some feedback on what i should get to replace the nVidia out of Frankie.

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            I play WoT as well My username is CAVENMAN1 if you wanted to send me a friend request!

            Also, if you are looking for a clan, check out [RID] Its an awesome one. (link here if you wanted to check it out! na.wargaming.net/clans/1000022836/ )


            But back to your question,

            I'm using an R9 390, and it maxes out the games at 1920x1200 @ 90 FPS on average. Definitely would recommend it for an upgrade, though you can probably use an R9 380X and get 50-60 FPS on max settings. R9 390 can do pretty solid 2560x1600 as well, on Max settings will get smooth 50 FPS average.


            Not sure what your budget is, but both of r9 390 and r9 380x aren't *too* expensive. And since the R9 380 is also very good for the price, that would be a good option as well. Seeing that you currently have a GTX 690 though, I would personally go for at least the 390 to have a noticeable upgrade. That is, if you play games that don't have SLI support.


            So basically, if you plan to run at 1080P for a while, and your games run fine with SLI- Don't upgrade since you'll have to spend $300 (maybe somewhat less for Ebay stuff) for the same performance.


            If, on the other hand, you plan to run higher than 1080 or have SLI problems, an r9 390 or an r9 380X would be the way to go. (ofc, if you have more than $300 to spend, buy a 390X or a Fury )

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                sweet! I will definitely send you a friend request tonight when i jump onto the game. By theway im not that good at it, but i enjoy playing this game quiet a bit, maybe when i get little better i will join the clan you recommanded to me.


                Speaking of which, how is the clan war? I had never play it once, me and a friend started our little clan, but he barely go on now, and the other member in the clan is my GF lolol she had not even ran the game once, just created account. So now im the only one active member in our small little clan lol


                Iam looking at the 390 since the new software came out. I would LOVE a fury X, but i do not think i could afford it, took me 2 years to get frankie the way it is. I might consider to sell the gtx 770 and save up for the new line of cards coming out soon. The 690 im running on borderline high setting and i'm getting about 50 to 60 FPS which for now Im happy.


                See you on the battlefield my friend