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Severe Screen Flickering at deaktop on R9 390X

Question asked by vash3k5 on Jan 10, 2016

So I purchased an 390x back in July, I reported screen flickering when I have both of my Acer 2k monitors connected via HDMI/Display port. I posted a video of it on Youtube to show what I was talking about( Sigh...... - YouTube  ). A user posted a comment on my YouTube video that pointed to this article, AMD/ATI R9 Series Flickering Issues – Things I Tried and What Worked for Me – Timothy Hoogland , stating the cause was because the memory clock at idle was too slow to handle two 1440p monitors being connected. Like his suggestion, is there any way other than running the cards in 3D mode all the time in order to fix this problem and/or is there a solution to permanently fix this? I have already contacted Asus about then, their response "Return the car immediately for a replacement." Which i did for the first one and am getting the same problem with the second one.