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    Need help with new video cad choice.


      Hi everyone!

      Stil need help with a choice.

      I'm playing Heroes of the Storm at 4k resolution on my r9 290x atm. But it seems game dont want use anti-aliasing somewhy & if i force it with a driver to 4x atlist FPS drops like to 20.

      Here is the question, what do i need more video ram or better video processor. Will CFX fix this FPS drop?

      Compo is i7 2600k@5.2Ghz,

      asus p8p67 motherboard,

      hyperx kingston16gb ram,

      asus r9 290x directcu2,

      thermaltake 1200w psu,

      samsung u32e850 minitor.

      Pref whould ask to tell what card will run it with a 4xAA @ 40FPS+.

      Thank you.

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          Try enabling X2 MSAA and see if that improves performance. Adding a second 290X will definitely give you more graphics grunt, but i cannot promise that it will suddenly turn 20FPS into anything more than 39FPS.

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              thats why i ask .. i dont wana buy another 290x & get no perfomance boost ) Thys try can cost me kinda alot ^^

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                  Thats the issue, if the "game" can use the grunt it will. But due to nearly everyone having a standard system with 1 GPU, most games are aimed at that. Use 3D mark and it will kick bottom, play CS Source and nothing will happen.

                  You'll also need to consider the rest of your system, a single CPU core calling the draws. Your vRAM will be enough, today you'll only use 3/4GB, even at 4K.


                  Before buying a new GPU, see what may be causing bottlenecks. 3DMark will give you an idea of where you would be best to improve.

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                Well with your cpu overclocked as it is, you are playing at 4k. You have four options wait for the next lineup of AMD GPU's this year that have 8gb HBM2 or Get a Fury X if its in your budget get two, or get a second 290x. Or you can go to the green camp side with a GTX 980 TI or a TitanX, both offering more than enough vram for 4k.

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                  native 4k gamer here , two 290x will handle most games with correct settings , while ultra detail is a must , unless your're playing on a large 4k tv , leave aa off period as the monitors ppi is so high no jagged edges are seen without aa , also games like this is better to use the games settings vs override a feature it doesnt support , overriding driver settings is more for making a cf profile for a game without one or about any gameworks game and override tessellation for something usable lik x8/x16 vs its default x 64 and ofcource will always be that online/indie game that will just never get decent high fps as no current single  gpu will handle all games at 4k ultra details ect , a couple are close but not there yet , maybe this year we will see this happening .


                  currently i run two r9 295x2 which of cource are just two 290x per card , and one card is normally all i need to ultra detail games at 4k .

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