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current build + roadmap

Question asked by highlander on Jan 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by highlander

my specs:

msi 990fxa-gd65

fx8350 oc to 4.5

corsair h55

16gb 4x4 corsair vengance pro 1866

msi gtx 960 2gb gaming edition

samsung 850 evo ssd

samsung 1tb 7200 hhd

xfx 750w psu

and a cheap acer 1080p 60hz monitor.


i have use finished modding a open air test bench case.

took top grill and fan off and replaced it with a perspex window.

added 4x80mm fans to make up for the fan i took out.

added a fan controller + lcd smartie just to fill the gap.

and added a voltage meter.


now that im finished on the case

im ordering my first 1080p 75hz aoc free sync monitor tomorrow

with the intention of 2 more for eyefinity with free sync

and then i be swopping the gtx960 for 2x r9 390

resson im leaving the gpu to last is incase amd bring out a better one before i get to the gpu stage


due tofact im going down the free sync with eyefinity route

my options on gpu's are limited as it will need to have 3 dp ports.

plus the 8gb on the 390 will help out alot on eyefinity



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