AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

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AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs from the foundries. Based on the information from Zauba, it seems to be two different Polaris chips/families, each with 2 different SKUs/GPUs. Total of 4 new Polaris GPUs. The one with the biggest value is the full Polaris while the other one is the same Polaris GPU but with some shaders/cores disabled.



Polaris chip #1:

GPU #1: Board number: C981

This one is the full chip



GPU #2: Board number: C980.

Based on the value and the board number I would guess that this one is the same as above but have some shaders/cores disabled. Like Fury X and Fury.



Polaris chip #2:

GPU #3: Board number: C924

Full chip



GPU #4: Board number: C913

Disabled shaders/cores





Earlier GPUs:

Fury X.

Board number: C880


Fury X2.

Board number: C888


R9 200/300 series: Board number C6xx and C7xxx.




If you are unsure about board numbers, TechPowerUp have a good database where you can search around



200/300 series have these board numbers: 6xx and 7xx.

Fiji have: 8xx.


Looks like AMD will be first to market with the next generation after all