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Suggestions towards Future ZEN Processor

Question asked by janagewen on Jan 10, 2016

Hello AMD,


I was once an AMD Processor follower, like so many others, embracing so many fantasy ideas around AMD64 and ATI GPUs. I do really experience with so many generations of AMD processors, since AMD K6-2 through AMD Bulldozer and Game Consoles such as Xbox One. But in my opinion, the future ZEN (ten, 10, or something) processor should first come into entry market for general users rather than professional ones. Because only if users could find easier ways to get close to it, they would try to seek bright ways to customise their computer based on it. Appealing the high-end users could not open to many doors for AMD products, at least, AMD is not the creator of x86 processor. AMD processors are always treated like a follower of Intel CPUs. So I suggest AMD release entry-level (or stripped version) of ZEN microarchitecture based processors, controlling its TDP below 45W, without GPU integrated. Those entry-level products might be the real successor towards yesterday's Sempron X2 processors, enabling the end users to know its performance, to accept its performance and price.


Best Regards,

Aaron Janagewen