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    Not able to select 60Hz for 4K (3840x2160) resolution with Crimson Drivers.


      Since the first release of the crimson drivers, I'm unable to use my 4K TV at 60HZ as I use to do fine with Catalyst.

      I have my 4K TV (Vizio) connected to a DisplayPort to HDMA 2.0 adapter.

      I notice that it Catalyst driver does the right display detection, windows 10 says that the suggested resolution is 3840x2160 30Hz and I can manually change it to 60Hz (which will automatically change pixel format from YCbCr 4:4:4 to 4:2:2).

      After installing Crimson drivers, windows 10 says that the suggested resolution is 4096x2160 which is not the native resolution of my TV, I can change it to 3840x2160, but I'm stuck with 30Hz. I'm also unable to create a custom resolution for 60Hz.


      Looks like that Crimson drivers introduced a bug in display detection!

      I own a 290X and if this is not patched soon I'll be forced to move to a Nvidia with HDMI2.0 support to justify the investment in a 4K TV for gaming (and never buy a AMD again)!