Alpha Wolf

Discussion created by eremiticwolf on Jan 10, 2016


Playing game, doing animations and 3D artwork for a hobby and other things.


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CPUAMD 9590 5Ghz
CoolerNZXT Kracken X61 Liquid cooler
MotherboardASUS Sabertooth R2 990FX TUF
Memory32 Corsair Vengeance (@1866)
GraphicsAMD Sapphire R9 290 OC
Disc Drive 1AMD R7 480GB SSD (Windows 10 Pro)
Disc Drive 2Toshiba 1TB (OpenSUSE Leap (Linux))
Disc Drive 3Western Digital 3TB
Disc Drive 4Seagate 3TB
Disc Drive 5Intel SSD 120GB (Star Citizen)
Disc Drive 6Transcend SSD 128GB (Elite Dangerous/Rogue Squadron)
PSUUltra X4 1050 watt
CaseNZXT Phantom Black
Monitor27" ASUS VE278 HDMI