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How do I change my monitor setup with Crimson?

Question asked by gardenhead on Jan 10, 2016

So I bought myself a Fury and now that I'm forced to use Crimson, I've found that desktop management functionality has been removed or is broken. Now if I want to change my monitor setup (making the main monitor my TV for example) I have to turn off my PC, unplug my monitor cables and turn the PC back on again and hope that Windows can guess what I want.


I've tried downloading Hydravision as AMD's support pages suggested but for some reason Hydravision refuses to acknowledge the existence of any AMD drivers on my PC. I'm not sure if this has to with the fact that Crimson keep telling me to redownload the latest drivers (I've done it 4 times now) or not.


Is Hydravision still a thing that AMD expect me to use or has AMD just not updated their support page?