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    How do I shut down Plays.tv


      I recently upgraded to Crimson, and now Plays.tv is running. How do I shut it off completely?


      Also: why is this the default?

      Plays.tv must use some of the graphics capacity of my video card. Why does AMD provide a driver for their chips which degrades the performance of the card?

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          It's a optional install but by default it's checked so you need to uncheck it. To close it just right click in the taskbar and choose close also make sure start with windows isn't checked.


          I use the PlaysTV application as it has more features just for recording. I am waiting anyday for them to fix IL-2 BOS support they know about the issue since the latest IL-2 update  changed the way  the game is launched. it no longer has the launcher.exe and just IL-2.exe.


          Download Client - Plays.tv

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              There is no Plays.tv in the Windows 7 TaskBar at the bottom of my screen.

              There is no Plays.tv in the AMD Radeon Settings window. No where! I have spent an hour searching, down through every menu and submenu.

              There is no Plays.tv returned by the Windows 7 program search.


              I cannot find Plays.tv anywhere.

              Please help. Thanks.