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Dual screen problem - only one screen detected

Question asked by jovaag on Jan 9, 2016

OK, I've been running this setup for a few months now, and after the newest Crimson driver things are going south.


I have a dual monitor setup, both connected via DVI from my 380 card on a W10 PC.


Now only one monitor works. So here's what I experience:


- both monitors shows boot status and windows startup

- after logon ONLY my right monitor shows picture, and also if swap the DVI outputs. Only the right one....

- only one display is detected in W10 control panel, and Crimson

- if I uninstall drivers, both monitors light up, but then only show a mirror image.


SO: both monitors obviously works since they work with AMD driver uninstalled, but with driver only one works. I've also installed the driver provided from Microsoft update (after a DDU run), but same issue here...


Is this an issue some other have encountered lately? Up until yesterday everything was fine...