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GTA 5 crashes my entire computer, plus when I fix any crashes the temperatures get to 95 degrees C when all other games are under 85 C

Question asked by on Jan 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by donta1979

The title says it all. At first, all I had was flashing icons on the mini map, constantly disappearing. Then, my drivers crashed but then recovered. The next day, I tried booting up the game but it locked up my ENTIRE PC with a black screen. I have to boot it into safe mode, turn DirectX down to 10.1, and even then I get a really weird graphical glitch that creates darkness. there is a picture attached. Even before all the other issues my temperatures get up to 95 degrees at 100% fan speed, and I have an MSI R9 390x 8G that gets under 80 degrees on ALL OTHER GAMES, such as Battlefield 4 and Just Cause 3. i can't believe that it's an issue with my card, especially considering that all other games are fine, so is there a driver fix or something? Please help me.

I have also attached DxDiag info.