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Interferences in HDMI transfert from PC to TV

Question asked by alerazius on Jan 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by alerazius

I'm not exactly sure where to post it so i try here.

Since yesterday and for years, i've used an hdmi cable to link my computer (radeon hd5700) to the TV with no problems at all.

Since yesterday, after i had to do a hard reset because of a massive computer lag that prevented it from switching off, it's all going mad.

When i plug the computer, the computer detect the TV screen, change the resolution, all goes as normal, but on the tv it's a mess. Either it keep switching from "no signal" to black screen to "no signal", either it gives me a view of the computer's desk but with sound and graphic interferences all around, a bit as in the old VHS tapes.

I've tried changing the cable, i tried all the hdmi entries on the tv, i tried to plug a laptop with all the cables and all the entries and it always worked perfectly with the laptop.

So it clearly comes from the computer, so i erased all hdmi drivers and reinstalled everything, tried to boot with the hdmi cable on straight from the begining.

It goes perfectly on the tv until windows7 login screen prompt, from then, all start back to go crazy.

I'm kinda lost here, it worked a minute and the minute after it didnt work at all. The computer's result don't make any difference, it's always good, only the result on the tv is altered.

Any ideas?