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Will AMD fix the OC issues that came with Crimson (r9 280x)

Question asked by hafi on Jan 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by ohab

I have a Sapphire r9 280x Toxic and about that time that crimson came out I decided to start overclocking my equipment, starting with the GPU. It went smoothly while I was cranking up settings, but when I tried turning the settings down they won't go, in this case i'm talking about the memory frequency. The stock freq  of my GPU was 1600MHz, I overclocked it to 1755MHz (keep in mind that my power limit is +50%). Because it was just video memory it worked ok, but when I cranked up the GPU clock from stock 1150 MHz to 1190MHz, my PC started to feel the strain of my OC. i figured that i should lower my memory frequency, but I can't, because now the default is 1760MHz. If I press reset to default it sets to 1760MHz, if I slide the slider completely to the left my minimum frequency is 1760 MHz. I figured they would fix this soon so till then I figured I have to raise my voltage to make my GPU a bit more stable... it went fine from 1,2v to 1,256v (BTW i am OCing with MSI Afterburner) now it stays fixed at 1,256. I can't raise it, I cant lower it. My idle temp of my pc is 50°C, becouse my GPU clock at idle is stuck at 500MHz, not at 150MHz as in ccc, and my mem freq is stuck at 1760MHz at idle. This hapens only if I instal Crimson, it works fine in the newest Catalysk, and i will have to downgrade my drivers again becouse this is just rediculus. AMD please hurry up with the fix for this, i read that many ppl have the saim issues.