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Neverwinter major performance issues...

Question asked by noobinator2013 on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by amdmatt

First off I'll just get my specs out of the way for you:


AMD FX 6300 Six-Core @3.7gHz

8GB 1600mHz DDR3 RAM

AMD R7 260x 2GB

Fan Cooling (Overheating is never a problem)

64-Bit Windows 10 Pro


So now onto the issue I am having, I recently installed D&D Neverwinter since my new PC can actually run some of the games that I always wanted to. Now I don't see why I am having so many issues with my build on this game, as I easily get 60fps+ on GTA V High settings. But on this game (I don't know if it is just poorly optimized for my GPU?) The most I get is 60fps  on low-high settings and in heavy areas 20-30fps. I am also finding it weird that barely any graphics settings affect my performance, it stays the same static amount through low to high settings. The only noticeable setting that makes a big difference is High Detail Ground items or something, which is just ground clutter. Its almost like my PC isn't even working past "sleep mode" while playing this game, as it never gets louder than its normal quiet hum. Also in certain areas of the world I get horrendous screen tearing and glitching where it looks like my screen is a tightly stretched piece of paper being cut to the middle. I am not very familiar with overclocking and how to do it, as it puts more wear on your PC which is not a high interest of mine. Also i'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but using the Windows 10 recording feature it would not record Neverwinter because it was not recognized. If someone could give me ideas on how to fix this/ what is going on it would be great. Thanks!


PS: I saw an article on reddit where someone with a R9 270 was only getting 30 fps normally, with a better build than mine: Neverwinter only hitting 30 FPS on lowest settings : Neverwinter