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How do make my graphics card software compatible with my platform?

Question asked by confusedgamer90 on Jan 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by confusedgamer90

I recently bought the MSI AMD r7 370 (4GB) for my pc (OCHW Defender 3.8GHz Fast Quad Core, Gaming PC, Desktop Computer 3..8GHz Turbo AMD A8 7650K Quad Core, Radeon HD R7 Graphics Card Chip,1000GB HDD Hard Drive, 8GB 1600MHZ RAM, USB 3.0). I had windows 8.1 installed when I first attempted to use my graphics card, once the software had installed a small window popped up saying "the platform does not support this application". I've now upgraded to windows 10 to see if that would solve the problem but it hasn't. Does anyone know how to solve this or is it not possible to fix? If it cant be fixed could someone give me a recommendation of what graphics card that would perform similar to this one and is compatible with my platform please.