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Hallo ich habe eine frage zu meiner XFX Radeon  R9 380X DD XXX OC, 4GB GDDR5, 2x DVI, HDMI, Display Port : undzwar dem spiel minecraft habe ich ein problem nämlich in den einstellungeni de spiels gibt es eine einstellung namens Anistropic filtering und an

Question asked by letsperca on Jan 8, 2016

Hello I have a Question about my XFX Radeon  R9 380X DD XXX OC, 4GB GDDR5, 2x DVI, HDMI, Display Port : Now.. The game i play is called Minecraft. I have a big problem.. in graphic settings i have a setting called Anistropic FIltering and Antialiasing.Normaly you have bot of the settings off in this game but in my case i have to ceep them on because if i turn dem off i see strange lines around the minecraft blocks iv'e made some screenshots that you know what i meen and i have a videolink that you know what lines i mean (Minecraft Grafikproblem beheben - Ränder an Böcken - YouTube ) just tipe that in in youtube and youll see what i mean i will post an screenshot to. so my friend has the same graphic card then me and he hasnt got does problems. can you help me what setting i have to put on and off that i can leave bot settings------> Antialiasing and anistropic filtering of because when i have these settings on they decrease my fps i testet it when i had them off and i had my normal fps type. if i have them on i see does strange lines around the blocks and i have lower fps as when i have bot settings off. Hoffely you can understand what i mean and help me out of my problem and sorry for my terrible english ive gave my best  thx to all of you how help me Screenshot (3).pngScreenshot (3).png2015-12-23_23.00.30.png