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    New Catalyst Drivers don't support R7 M265




      This is my first time on the forums so please bear with me. Since I updated my drivers, I have been having issues in games that would work normally before, I constantly have fps drops. I recently switched to windows 10 and updated to the latest crimson drivers (15.12) but the issue was still there, I noticed that according to my laptop specs my GPU is Radeon R7 M265 but when I install the latest crimson edition drivers they switch to R7 M260. However, even when I switch to an old version of M265 the issue is still there, I am currently using the catalyst control center drivers v15.7.1 but even they have some fps issues.


      I have seriously tried everything there is and I am not the only one with this issue. There are so many people with the same GPU as me and facing this issue, I hope someone can help me out because I have really really tried everything and I would seriously appreciate any help because idk what to do and I game a lot so this is important to me.


      Thank you for the help.