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Amd HD6000 Series Driver Support ?

Question asked by themanwithglasses on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by ray_m

I know Hd6000 series graphics cards software support is legacy now. But i have a question in my mind.


Imagine that tomorrow a new game released. I have hd6950 crossfire and i can play that game with 100+ fps. But game has an important problem with latest Amd's drivers for hd6000 series. For example map corruption occurs sometimes. Will Amd provide a driver fix for that? Or hd6000 series never ever get a driver update?


I know Nvidia giving driver fixes to much older graphics cards. If Amd will never provide a driver fixes for hd6000 series, i'm sure i'll never buy any Amd product in future.


It will be really ridiciulus when you have required gpu power to play a game but your hardware provider doesnt give you required driver fixes.


For example "Crimson Edition 16.1 Hotfix" released. But hd6000 series has only Crimson beta driver which has problems.