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    Crimson is unstable, I'm reverting to a non-Crimson AMD driver


      My system:


      i5 2500k

      Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1

      Gigabyte R9 280x

      16 GB Patriot Viper Xtreme RAM @ 1866 Mhz

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64



      I just want to say that I'm getting a lot of new issues from the Crimson drivers. Games ran fine for me while using the non-Crimson Catalyst drivers, but since installing the first Crimson driver 15.12, games of all types keep freezing on my system, sometimes crashing to desktop and saying that the display driver has stopped working, and other times causing a BSOD. Before the Crimson driver, I only ever had a few BSOD on Windows 7 since Windows 7's first release, and each of those times were from me maxing out my system RAM while doing things like audio editing, or playing a game while having 70 web browser tabs open, that had been running for days.


      The games in which I'm experiencing these Crimson display driver crashes and PC hard locks include:


      Lords of the Fallen

      Battlefield 4

      Assassin's Creed 3

      Assassin's Creed Rogue


      That's pretty much all the games I've tried to play with the Crimson driver. I've also played some Assassin's Creed Syndicate, though not as much as these other games, and I can't recall if it's crashed crashed on me while playing.


      With the Crimson 16.1 hotfix newly out, I thought I would try it and see if the crashing problem was resolved. I loaded up Assassin's Creed 3, and the graphics rendering was lurching, so it'd go smooth for a few seconds, and then stagger in FPS for a second or two, and then smooth for a few seconds, and then stagger for a second or two. I'm not going to keep playing to see if the display driver still crashes while it's like this, because this inconsistent and lurching FPS makes playing very non-enjoyable. Regardless of whether Crimson 16.1 still crashes the display driver in these games, it's clear that Crimson has problem, and that 16.1 has introduced a new problem into the one game I tried it with.


      So, for now, I'm going to uninstall Crimson and install a Catalyst driver. I found a download of the newest version of Catalyst here: AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver Beta 15.11.1 Driver - TechSpot


      It's the latest beta, and I haven't used it before (I was using the latest official release). I hope that Crimson's problems will not also be present while using this Catalyst beta. I also hope that AMD will sort out the problems with Crimson causing the display driver to crash. I've been battling and defeating the same boss in Lords of the Fallen over and over, because the game only saves when the player deposits their XP points, which resets their XP gain modifier, and I avoid doing that unless I absolutely have to - but the display driver keeps crashing while I'm playing before I save the game - so I'm back to the same place every time I start up the game again.

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          Yeah. BF 4 crashing with MSAA on even with 16.1. And now i got a random BSOD "thread stuck in device driver" . Going back to catalyst

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            Here is another issue with the new AMD Crimson driver, which doesn't occur with the previous Catalyst drivers. In Assassin's Creed Rogue, upon starting a game, the game freezes immediately upon any player input. The solution is to download DLL files from the Catalyst display driver, and put them into the Assassin's Creed Rogue installation folder. I had to do this before I could at all play Assassin's Creed Rogue, but the game still encountered  display driver crashes afterwards.


            This wiki entry describes this problem, and it also describes its solution, and offers a link to download the necessary DLL files:


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              Pretty much, the Crimson 15.12's are the 15.11's with a WHQL stamp and a couple of small fixes--like the fan fix.  The newer/better driver seems to be the Crimson 15.11.1b drivers (not to be confused with the 15.11.1b Catalyst driver released much earlier--which AMD has removed from the official site, for some unfathomable reason.)


              So you want to be using the Crimson 15.11.1b's and *not* the 15.12's, imo.  AMD has (temporarily I hope) gone completely bonkers with its GPU drivers of late.  Don't know what's behind it, but it could be personnel changes because where they used to have the best driver program in the business it has now gone to seed.  The Crimson interface is only half finished, was at least six months from a competent release, and they cannot even get their driver releases numbered correctly--instead of the 15.11.1b Crimson it should be the 15.12.1b to end the confusion about which driver is which.  Got to say I haven't seen it this bad since pre-ArtX, pre-R300.  I am very surprised by this regression.


              Best of all worlds at the moment is to use the device manager to load in the 15.11.1b Crimsons inside the CCC shell--you get 100% Catalyst functionality restored while using the latest Crimson driver, 15.11.1b (again, 15.12 is *not* the latest driver.)   I've got almost 200 games installed and they all work wonderfully atm...but I actually don't own any of the games listed in this thread, unfortunately.  If AMD has surreptitiously changed things around again so that now this info is incorrect, I throw up my hands...


              EDIT: the 16.1WHQL's are out...!  Go get 'em! I've just installed them. Wasn't announced anywhere, apparently.

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                  How do I use Crimson drivers with Catalyst? You said use device manager. You mean click the Display Adapter, Radeon card, Driver tab, and then click Update Driver button? Where do I find the 16.1 WHQL drivers? And which file do I find when I click Update Driver? I have a R9 280x and Win7 64

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                      1)Uninstall Crimson 16.1's, then install the most recent Catalyst driver release

                      2) Open Device manager

                      3) find "Display adapters"

                      4)right-click on the name of your display adapter and select "update driver software"

                      5) select "browse for driver software"

                      6) select "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

                      7)on the "select driver you want to install for this hardware" tab, select the "have disk" button

                      8)hit the "browse" button and point it to C:\AMD\WHQL-Radeon-Software-Crimson-edition-16.1-64-bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Jan7\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\C0297971.inf and hit the "open" button and sit back as your Crimson drivers populate the CCC shell.


                      Takes maybe 3-4 minutes, or so, depending on your drive speed.  Simple, and it works.  You get control over resolution again from within the GPU driver, etc.  The only function that doesn't carry forward to the CCC is the "shader cache" but I have yet to be able to find a game where this makes a performance difference.


                      AMD should be offering this driver to its customers who prefer the CCC or are having trouble with the Crimson interface, imo.  It would be a thoughtful courtesy, until they can get the rest of the Catalyst function into the Crimson interface and iron out the QT bugs. That way its customers could use the latest drivers while enjoying the benefit of a far less buggy control interface.

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                    Are those games you listed mentioned here ?


                    If they are, I"m not surprised in the slightest that you having issues with crimson software package. Middleware software suite proprietary lock-in...  difficult for AMD engineers to optimize gpu drivers for common AAA titles..


                    According to Wikipedia article on this problem in the criticism section.. very revealing and goes some way to explain the dilemma AMD faces..

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                      New user here. I've been having issues with AMD every since my HD 6970, some issues went away after i got the R9 295x2, but the card never played games well at any resolution. I got most games to play smoothly a while on 1080p but when i downloaded the latest crimson driver most of my Steam games crashed in a matter of minutes if not seconds when playing in game.
                      Most notably - Project cars, all Assassin Creed games that i have, Formula 1 2013,2014,2015 , GTA V, Far Cry 4/5. Not all crashing symptoms were the same. Pcars and GTA V would freeze>have some weird color shift and then black screen. Formula 1 games would stutter horribly in race and then black screen. Far Cry would stutter horribly with poor FPS then if i tried to closed window it would black screen and quit responding. It should be noted Pcars never ran completely well since i got the game but i was able to setup some graphic setting that worked well without crashing until Crimson. GTA V worked well pre-crimson on 1080p but had poor FPS on my 4k monitor which was playable and never really crashed. AC 3 and black flag will not run texture quality set high, but i haven't tried it pre-crimson so i don't know if its a game issue or amd issue. Also the game will still stutter and drop FPS more than before.


                      These are generally the only games i play on steam. My Origin games actually seem to work run now, but some crash and quit responding upon exiting the programs. Before this recent Crimson update games - Battlefield 3/4, Battlefront, Titan Fall, NFS shift would all stutter and crash and give me a crash diagnostic (which i unfortunately never save). The problem now is all games would go unresponsive and crash out as soon as i actually close the program. In game actually runs smoothly accept the latest NFS game which was horrible and unplayable, but i think that was a genuine problem with the game.

                      Battlefield 3 sometimes would whitescreen and cut in and out, but doesn't actually crash - all settings are set at maximum. BF4 runs well on high settings and i haven't tried Ultra but i will report any issues if i try. TitanFall has some stuttering still no matter what settings i try, but usually runs smooth. I have Sims 3/4 and they both run smooth and never had issues. Crysis 2/3 never ran well on any resolution with this gpu (295x2), but now with the latest crimson the games will stutter violently then crash withing seconds of a mission. STWOR runs smooth but will sometimes send a crash report upon closing the program.



                      These are all my recent findings. Most notable issues though are with my Steam games especially GTA V and Pcars, also i am currently using an old Dell 1680x1050 screen with a DVI- cable. I haven't found any issues with the monitor before pre-crimson but i may purchase a FreeSync supported monitor and see if some issues still continue.


                      I will be switching back to pre-crimson Catalyst drivers as OP suggested and report back if anything gets better or worse.