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Crimson is unstable, I'm reverting to a non-Crimson AMD driver

Question asked by delicieuxz on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by mayseffect

My system:


i5 2500k

Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1

Gigabyte R9 280x

16 GB Patriot Viper Xtreme RAM @ 1866 Mhz

Windows 7 Ultimate 64



I just want to say that I'm getting a lot of new issues from the Crimson drivers. Games ran fine for me while using the non-Crimson Catalyst drivers, but since installing the first Crimson driver 15.12, games of all types keep freezing on my system, sometimes crashing to desktop and saying that the display driver has stopped working, and other times causing a BSOD. Before the Crimson driver, I only ever had a few BSOD on Windows 7 since Windows 7's first release, and each of those times were from me maxing out my system RAM while doing things like audio editing, or playing a game while having 70 web browser tabs open, that had been running for days.


The games in which I'm experiencing these Crimson display driver crashes and PC hard locks include:


Lords of the Fallen

Battlefield 4

Assassin's Creed 3

Assassin's Creed Rogue


That's pretty much all the games I've tried to play with the Crimson driver. I've also played some Assassin's Creed Syndicate, though not as much as these other games, and I can't recall if it's crashed crashed on me while playing.


With the Crimson 16.1 hotfix newly out, I thought I would try it and see if the crashing problem was resolved. I loaded up Assassin's Creed 3, and the graphics rendering was lurching, so it'd go smooth for a few seconds, and then stagger in FPS for a second or two, and then smooth for a few seconds, and then stagger for a second or two. I'm not going to keep playing to see if the display driver still crashes while it's like this, because this inconsistent and lurching FPS makes playing very non-enjoyable. Regardless of whether Crimson 16.1 still crashes the display driver in these games, it's clear that Crimson has problem, and that 16.1 has introduced a new problem into the one game I tried it with.


So, for now, I'm going to uninstall Crimson and install a Catalyst driver. I found a download of the newest version of Catalyst here: AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver Beta 15.11.1 Driver - TechSpot


It's the latest beta, and I haven't used it before (I was using the latest official release). I hope that Crimson's problems will not also be present while using this Catalyst beta. I also hope that AMD will sort out the problems with Crimson causing the display driver to crash. I've been battling and defeating the same boss in Lords of the Fallen over and over, because the game only saves when the player deposits their XP points, which resets their XP gain modifier, and I avoid doing that unless I absolutely have to - but the display driver keeps crashing while I'm playing before I save the game - so I'm back to the same place every time I start up the game again.