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Hi guys , poor preformacne in some games using crmison update

Question asked by mkmksnake22 on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by mkmksnake22

hello there i need help i haev amd redaon 7400m HD
as you know since its m that means i have intel in my laptop


well let me start saying that i was on amd ctalyst driver and and i updated to amd crmison as soon as it came out and found the fan proplem and i asked whats wrong in a commntiy and as it seems it was the diriver update who had something wrong in it , and you did fix that bug and it works fine now how ever i found some  other bug about the crimson
now i only play counter strike : global off.... and when i start it after i turn on the laptop it works fine on high preofrmance amd card
but when i close it and reopen it , it starts on low fps wich uses intel card for a reson i dont know why even know its set to go on high from amd settings wich let me get poor preformance "game not playaple at all" i did try to fix it using somefiles since i was on a site wokring on someupdate about gpu with intel and amd there being a beta user
so not really a good fix how ever i found that when i close the game and repoen it 3 times when i get that low fps it goes back to high preformance
i kept on this for time hoping you might fix it and reprted it to your site
yesterday i bought a few games and downloaded them and i start the game after setting it to high "first time it started on  low so i tought  on doing the same when i get that in csgo and start it 3 times " but didnt work for all 3 games i bought they still go on low fps "intel" so i went on site and found that i missed and update so i updated it but didnt work for those games  , i entred here hoping on find some help


notice that i didnt have the same proplame in ctalyst because i tried it again and games workd fine



but crismon gives me better game play in csgo so can you help me becuase i also want to play that other games and cant keep doing that upgrade and downgrade when i want to play a sertion game


the games are "middle earth shadow of mordor , paday2 , rocket league " and some other game i tried "warframe"


thank you guys