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Crimson 16.1 Hotfix Driver MEMORY OVERCLOCK ISSUE still remains

Question asked by souls on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by jay.kapasi

People THERE IS STILL A BIG ISSUE when overclocking the memory on my r9 280x since the first crimson drive release..If I overclock say from 1500mhz to 1540mhz and play a game,then when I quit the game the idle gpu voltage is now 950mv and not 850mv like my gpu always is so I realised the lowest memory clock stays at 1500mhz and not 150mhz like it should be for my card, also core clock at 500mhz and not other words radeon settings overdrive in crimson driver causes my bios to stay at clock state 1 which has a memory clock of 1500mhz,core clock of 500mhz and voltage of 950mv and it refuses to return to idle clocks which is clock state 0 with 150mhz memory,300mhz core and voltage of 850mv.whenever you try to overclock the memory this happens does any ones else see this happened??Resetting the software and returning to stock clocks via overdrive or any other overclocking software does not help and I need to reinstall the drivers again and again for this to be this driver didn't fix!