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Radeon 16.1 Hotfix no longer overrides AA in IL-2 BOS like 15.12 did.

Question asked by astrix_au on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by astrix_au

Hi guys,


I was using Radeon 15.12 with my Fury X and in IL-2 BOS I would set it to override the AA and Use Radeon's AA settings.


The reason is to make the game look as good as it can and easier to see in the sky pretty much everyone installs FlightFX which includes Sweet FX. For it to work the in game A must be turned off and you must use either Radean or Nvidia's AA for it to work.

Since updating to 16.1 the AA is no longer being overridden by Radeaon Software.


There was a update with IL-2 recently and in the update I noticed they removed the launcher .exe and now it only has IL-2.exe, DServer.exe and Restarter.exe. Not sure if this could be causing a issue so I deleted the profile and created a new one with Il-2.exe and it didn't help.

The flightFX part is working but not the Radeons override of the AA.


Anyone else notice this?



I'll be reverting back to 15.12 till this is fixed.