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    Radeon Hotfix 16.1 Crossfire




      I have just installed 16.1 update and now the AMD Crossfire option in the additional Radeon Settings is not available to enable or disable..


      My system..


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it is still the same. Might have to go back to Crimson Edition 15.1..


      Is anyone able to help me on this or is this something AMD need to look into and fix?


      Is anyone else having this issue after installing?

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          I am also not able to force crossfire on any of the game profiles. It will only use crossfire if it has it in the default profile. No choice but to go back to 15.12 as I have crossfire I'd like to use it when I can.

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              Thanks for raising this issue gentlemen, please both report it here.

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                  I have sent a report through thanks. Hope to see a fix soon. Very weird. looks like no profiles at all work to enable or disable crossfire. Crossfire is not even available in the global profile setting. So I'm thinking no profiles work at all with any settings adjusted?


                  Thanks heaps,



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                      Try a clean install and use DDU to sweep your system and see if that resolves the issue Jason.

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                          Just tried DDU. No luck using this. Will have to go back to 15.12 for now....

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                              I have re-downloaded uninstalled and re-installed 16.1. The Crossfire option (enable / disable) is still not available in the additional settings. After testing of games that have a crossfire profile with in the game it self, crossfire works when playing these games. If I create a profile with in the gaming settings tab on the crimsons settings app I am unable to disable the crossfire through that profile. I can't even enable crossfire on a profile where the game does not support crossfire. In the 15.12 (previous version) I was able to force crossfire or disable it on any game profile that I created,

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                                  " I have spent days on this trying to get my 7990 dual GPU to use game profiles that allow me to disable crossfire".


                                  I went back to Crimson 15.12. I thought that it was working with the profiles but only some profiles would work. I used AMD clean up utility also DDU and did a fresh install of 15.12. This made it worse. Didn't matter if  I scanned or manually added profiles. I was not able to disable crossfire or optimize settings.


                                  I decided to try some different options after reading heaps of posts with people having issues in crimson. I did a clean install of CCC 15.7.1. I created profiles for games I wanted to disable crossfire with eg: Dead Island, Dead Island Riptied, Dishonored, Dying Light, The Evil With In, Fall Out 4, Thief (AMD optimized, still works poorly in crossfire) Even Star Wars Battlefront is not the best in crossfire. I then tried these games to make sure they work. After this I updated to Crimson 15.12. This carried the profiles I created over to Crimson. After this I updated to 16.1. With 16.1 I left everything ticked as to update the driver and not radeon settings. This is still the version from 15.12. I wanted 16.1 as this fixes the issue with Elite Dangerous.


                                  After all of this I seem to now have crimson that works with 16.1 drivers. I hope there is someone looking into this or that they are aware of these issue.


                                  Is anyone else having these issues on their 7990 or other cards?


                                  I have spent more time tweaking settings trying to get smoothness. I just want to play nice high / ultra graphics at 60FPS. Is this too hard to ask? I have friends that side with the other team and they don't have the issues that I do. I may have to re-think the next card I get If I constantly keep getting these issues.

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                                      I have been having issues with crossfire driver installation with my Fury Xs ever since I purchased them, so you are not alone here.   Never had any installation related issues with my 290Xs or 7970s.   


                                      This latest Crimson update appears to have broken custom profile crossfire settings, so I've rolled back to 15.12 for now.  I guess the percentage of users who have a crossfire set up is too small for AMD to release another hot fix.   

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                            I am using Hotfix 16.1.1 and I managed to enable Crossfire for non profiled apps via regedit. This might help to enable, but also disable CrossFire via profile settings.


                            Open regedit and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000\UMD

                            Find EnableCrossfireForNonProfileApps and double klick it. Set 1 for enable and 0 for diesable.


                            This option was available in older AMD drivers, but it has disapeared in the Hotfix.


                            Hotfix 16.1.1


                            Older version



                            I got CrossFire (Mode 1x1) working this way with Elite Dangerous Horizons. I run 2x AMD R9 290X on Eyefinity, W10 64Bit i7 3770K. I also disabled ULPS via regedit just to be sure.





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                            This has happened continuously with drivers that get released. I know on a prior release of Catalyst there was an actual WHQL release that had this very problem. I'm not certain why this keeps happening, but the options not displaying DOES effect performance. I get 30-40FPS less in games like Elder Scrolls Online due to this functionality being turned off. I had to roll back to improve my in-game FPS on several games that do not have a workable profile.

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                              I also having the same issue since Crimson 16.1 .

                              I never posted it, cause I have read this issue some time ago and thought AMD knows it. ( Maybe^^)

                              I've got a HD 8990 ( Rebranded 7990 ) and have also the same issues.

                              Also in older Crimson Drivers or better spoken since first Crimson Drivers, where you could activate the Crossfire Symbol ingame, this Option also doesn't work and was allways greyed out. Only if you let the Option on in older Catalys Drivers, it also stays on in Crimson after reinstalling it, but when you can't swich it off. Only with Catalyst this Option works right. Also sometimes with 16.1 the Crossfire Option in Advance Settings is displayed. But when I activate it, Crimson is shutting down and when the window Looks like the Pics above without the Settings. Crimson Window starts again after some seconds and the Crossfire Option for older Games it totally gone. It's really a big issue and I'm a Little bit surprised that till 15.1 nobody said something about it till now.

                              Also what I can say since Crimson and with this bug we are talking about, i figured out that also some Crossfire Default Profiles are missing.

                              For example Final Fantasy 14. Also Catalyst and the first Crimson Drivers runs the Game in Crossfire Mode in DX11. With newest Crimson Version 16.1 Hotfix you get only Crossfire automatic on with DX 9 Mode. If you Play in DX 11 Mode, only 1 GPU is working = really hard Performance drop.

                              Yes you can Switch Crossfire to AFR Friendly or 1x1 optimized, but this isn't the best solution, cause some Games runs with more FPS when this Option is on in the Profile of a Game, but if you turn it on, some Games are shutting down my PC in few seconds. It's a bug definitely, cause it never happened in Catalyst.


                              It's a Little bit upset to Play with a Dual GPU Card and only 1 GPU is running. It's a 50% Performance lost and this issue happened with a HD 7990 or 8990 with new Drivers. Hope AMD can fix it and I can Play with 2 Cores like before Crimson Drivers arrived. Thanks for reading and hope this will be fixed as soon as possible, cause some Games since Crimson doesn't make so much fun like before Crimson and sorry for my bad English


                              Hope this Infos helped.

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                                  I am still having issues even on the latest 16.2.1 Hotfix. Still the same issue where game profiles are not working. I should be able to disable or enable crossfire on any game profile on my HD 7990. But yet it's still not fixed. How long does it take to get this sorted AMD?.....