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Some progress on Flickering diagnostic Firepro W4100

Question asked by vernhes71 on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by vernhes71

I have the frequently described problem of flickering but I have made some progress on the diagnostic.


The configuration:

- AMD Phenom II X945


- Windows 10

- AMD Catalyst 2015.1104

- Driver 15.201.2401.0

- Monitor Dell U3415W. Connected DP1.2 3440x1440


The problem:

flickering happen immediately when the mouse is moved, when the graphic load is very low.

The problem disappear as soon as a 2nd monitor is connected



the memory clock is at 150MHz (Using GPU-Z) when the computer idle and as soon as am action increase graphicload, frequency goes up, it is when the flickering start.

When a second monitor is active the memory frequency stays at 1000MHz, and in that case no flickering.


My question:

How can I ensure that the memory clock doesn t fall at 150MHz?

There is no Overclocking option on Catalyst.