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    A10-7850k and Physx/cuda capable GPU


      Hey, I need a CUDA/PhysX capable GPU for reasons. =\


      Sorry, Reasons trump my AMD fanboi-ism. =(


      (typing this on a Phenom II, talking about a kevari which I had been rabidly enthusiastic about until a few days ago)...


      So I buy a green-team board and put it in my red-team kevari thinking that the Kevari had the PCI-E slot I thought it had... It could run Unigine valley at 1080p at like 100fps, which was the highest framerate I ever did see. About 90 seconds later the machine was locked hard. =\


      I emptied my bank account swapping out components but could not get either green team gpu I had on hand to work. =\


      I gave up and took it to the local compu-hut. and their technician, with some direction from me, pretty much reached the same conclusion: the chip could not be made to work with that card. =\


      The tech went on to suggest I get a blue team CPU/etc... (!!!)




      I haven't bought a blue team cpu outside of an embedded product in over twenty years...


      I don't want a blue team CPU....


      Unless there is a patch or something that can make my setup work, I will have no choice...


      Reasons compel me to get a CUDA/PhysX capable system and if no amount of effort will make an AMD solution work, then necessity will force me to consider, with great reluctance, other options. =(((((((

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          Yep, you wont get that novelty rubbish working on an AMD.


          Get a stronger AMD CPU and just use software PhysX. Wait for later this year and get the Zen based APU (too tired to remember its name). Turn off things like APEX clothing by removing the files from the games. Most games will have workarounds, don't be bullied into monopolising tech just to play a few games.


          Turn a top on and watch that for half an hour.

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              Thanks for your thoughts, but due to Reasons I **NEED** CUDA immediately. I would also like better performance in Space Engineers and headroom to maybe get the latest Fallout game when the price comes down.


              Regardless of all business concerns and fanboi-ism, I require a machine with a PCI-E slot that I can slide anything I can find in and expect to work without issue. =\


              So either prove that the green-team GPU card is out of compliance or provide me with a fix. Without either, I'm in a bad way...


              Hell, the technician reported that it wouldn't even work with a red team 3xx card... =|


              Seriously though, I'm looking at the problem of getting a FX and designing a new machine for my Phenom II to serve the role the Kevari was serving... probably selling the Kevari to pay for it. =(

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                  CUDA and parallel computing is fun, I'm messing about with it on the Pi's GPU. I feel your annoyance, as t77chevy says hybrid physx was good, but today we have no chance.


                  In an ideal world the AMD driver and GPU would be open so we could code in features like parallel, in a better world Nvidia would sod off with this closed tech. As for suing, im surprised the EU hasn't done anything, like the browser stuff in Windows7. DX12 is around the corner, and things should start to be much more efficient for everyone

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                      I think the reason there hasn't been any political action is that we are in a very arcane land here that isn't visible to the mere mortal. I mean scumsoft got in trouble for internet exploder because it was in everyone's face. We are talking about the details of drivers and APIs, and hardware that aren't even visible to people who aren't system builders or programmers.


                      My argument is that HSA is a major strategic priority for AMD. By forcing me to disable the HSA features of my processor, Nvidia has undermined AMD's competitive strategy. This is wrong. Now how do we explain this to a judge?

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                  back in the day , a lot of us ran hybrid PhysX , NVidia being the penny pinchers they are , made it so if any amd gpu driver is install you cannot install any NVidia gpu driver without the system locking up , the a10 drivers and the NVidia drivers will not play together , easiest solution is like what was mentioned above if for gaming , software like rendering ect you can switch to using x software that uses opengl ect , if your heart is set on the NVidia gpu then next easiest fix is to grab a cpu without an igpu , for your fm2+ socket would be the Athlon x4 860k , same cpu you us4e currently without the igpu and will run fine as the igpu drivers will not be installed

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                      Gah! Ur right!!! =(((


                      I used the BIOS settings to disable the igp cores on the cpu, and then played a few hours of Space Engineers at staggeringly high fraemerate without issue. I don't think it's a driver issue, I think there's an incompatibility at the hardware level... I think Nvidia needs to be sued. =(