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A10-7850k and Physx/cuda capable GPU

Question asked by alonzotg on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by alonzotg

Hey, I need a CUDA/PhysX capable GPU for reasons. =\


Sorry, Reasons trump my AMD fanboi-ism. =(


(typing this on a Phenom II, talking about a kevari which I had been rabidly enthusiastic about until a few days ago)...


So I buy a green-team board and put it in my red-team kevari thinking that the Kevari had the PCI-E slot I thought it had... It could run Unigine valley at 1080p at like 100fps, which was the highest framerate I ever did see. About 90 seconds later the machine was locked hard. =\


I emptied my bank account swapping out components but could not get either green team gpu I had on hand to work. =\


I gave up and took it to the local compu-hut. and their technician, with some direction from me, pretty much reached the same conclusion: the chip could not be made to work with that card. =\


The tech went on to suggest I get a blue team CPU/etc... (!!!)




I haven't bought a blue team cpu outside of an embedded product in over twenty years...


I don't want a blue team CPU....


Unless there is a patch or something that can make my setup work, I will have no choice...


Reasons compel me to get a CUDA/PhysX capable system and if no amount of effort will make an AMD solution work, then necessity will force me to consider, with great reluctance, other options. =(((((((