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    Drivers issue


      I´m recently having issues with the drivers, I have autodetectutility enabled and it says drivers are correct but sometimes the screen switches off and after 3-4 seconds it switches on but I get the following message: AMD controller stop working but recovered succesfully. A friend of mine told it was a problem with the drivers but im not sure I recently changed my monitor.



      OS: Windows 10 64-bits

      GPU: Radeon R7 250 Gigabyte 2GB

      CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3.2 Ghz

      RAM: 8 GB


      Driver Packaging Version



        • Re: Drivers issue

          Did you have this problem previously, or did it start occurring after updating to the Crimson drivers?


          Please try uninstalling your current drivers and updating to the new Crimson 16.1 Hotfix drivers which we released yesterday. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.


          Follow this guide to uninstall your current drivers and this guide to install the 16.1 Hotfix drivers.