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All games locking to 30fps (or less) with vsync on with my new r9 fury (asus)

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by amdmatt

I recently purchased an asus strix r9 fury after a few issues getting it going I finally got it working, when I first got it set up I noticed that on every game it was locking my framerate down to 30 and sometimes less with vsync on (battlefront, R6 Siege, Battlefield, fallout 4, arma 3 to name a few) initialy I though thsi was becasue my pc was constantly droping about 15fps meaning the game wasn't maintaining 60fps so it would lower it down to 30fps, but even at 30fps vsync it was still droping 15fps. After alot of research and asking on forums I came to the conclusion that the issue was my cpu was bottlenecking my new gpu (I originally had an fx 8350) so I upgraded to an i5 6600k but still the frame drops and vsync is limiting itself to 30fps. I don't know weather this is an isue with my gpu, and issue with all fury gpus, an iisue with drivers or what, I cant find anything about this on the internet so I have come hear to hopefully get some help.


So far I have tried a new cpu, motherbourd and ram.

-Uninstalling my entire system (to remove the possibility of virus's etc)

-Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers a number of times.

-Overclocking both the gpu and cpu as well as underclocking both.

-Having my gpu in different slots on my motherbourd.

and a few other things that I cant think of atm.


all in all Im not sure what's going on, I can help this is some games like R6 Siege by limiting the fps to 75 in Crimson and enabling triple buffering but in most games like battlefield 4 and fallout the stuttering is very visible and then there's the issue of screen tearing which is visible through out every game and is unbearable in most. and I dont know what to do, I think I should send this back and get a 980 but I dont want to give up on amd just yet.