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New Radeon Settings is missing CPU Core Clock settings.

Question asked by caballero on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi there! Happy New year!


...I just updated my drivers, and the new crimson software is missing the CPU Core clock speed settings / Fan settings Etc. Only GPU are available. I feel like AMD just went "to the apple side" (1 button for everything).  The previous "old" looking menu had all sorts of menus for the AMD CPU, and all its gone just to look new and fresh, which is good really. I love AMD, this menus make me feel like they just went for the looks, instead of the productivity/customization. My system is a full AMD, and I have to reinstall back all drivers so I don't get stuck in the custom core clock setting I had set up, which are gone now. For me there is no problem, but for those people that are not such good in the aspect of computers tech you just gave them a smite on the computer.


Please leave a simple menu for those who are not, so good at computers, which is nice as it is now, BUT the advance settings button; Leave them "Really actually advanced", like the previous old menu window. Please try to implement it.

Thank you Guys!


(Been building PC systems since 1999, Have used Mac, PC, Intel & AMD, Linux you Name it. But please, don't kill AMD customization it what makes you shine)