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Help with Lenovo X315 and factory "upgrade"

Question asked by n2t on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by n2t

Hello group.  I was given a Lenovo x315 Erazer for xmas by my wonderful girlfriend.  I was previously gaming on a 9yo laptop that boasted an Intel core2 duo 2.26ghz cpu and GeForce 9800M 1gb dedicated card.  When my new Lenovo came, it boasted an A8 7600 APU paired with an R7-240 graphics card and "crossfire duo graphics"  When I booted the system however, I found I had an A8 7600 APU and an R9 360 2gb (GDDR5) graphics card and the APU based graphics was disabled.  Am I losing anything with this APU/GPU combination compared to crossfire?  It seems a very strange "upgrade" as it isn't utilizing the purpose of this APU.  However on the AMD website I'm also seeing that the R9 chips are turning up on the crossfire charts slowly.  Can someone explain to me if this "upgrade" has helped or hurt me with this processor?