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Any solution to the R9 390X's unstable GPU Usage and Low FPS?

Question asked by foster16 on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by bestninja14

Hello AMD Forum,


A week ago I upgraded from a Radeon 5770 HD (1 GB) to the R9 390X (8GB).


For games such as 'Kerbal Space Program', the AMD Gaming Evolved program suggest MAX graphics settings for the best performance (sounds good so far). But in Game its a completely different story, The FPS is constantly below 25 and frequent frmae dropsto 9 fps occur in the more demanding sections of game play. During game play the GPU Usage is extremely erratic constantly changing from 100 - 0% every second (has been tested using both MSI Afterburner and MSI Kombustor). The rest of the computer copes well with game play, i7 CPU (3.07 GHz) barely reaches 30% (at 1.56 GHz) and the RAM (12GB) is around 60% so i'm not sensing any bottle necking present.


Changing the graphics setting doesn't help, and every other game I have played has the same problems. It would appear that the erratic GPU Usage has some link to the FPS issues. A friend of mine with a 3 year old 4GB card (not sure which one, its AMD though) seems to run circles around the R9 390X i'm using.


I have been through around 3 Catalyst Control Centre Drivers and the Crimson Edition driver, neither made much difference. Is there a patch I'm missing? It's pretty irritating to spend such a large amount of money on an upgrade which operates more like a downgrade.


Some have found the solution of replacing the AMD GPU with an NVIDIA GPU. This is not a solution, it's just avoiding the problem...


Please throw all experience, advice and knowledge on here to get this solved for myself and many others who appear to have the same problem. All comments will be appreciated,