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    grim dawn full screen low fps.


      Specs first:


      Intel 4790k stock clock

      16gb DDR3 Ram

      AMD 7970 x2 in crossfire

      3 Dell monitors 1920x1200.

      Windows 10 x64

      AMD Crimson 15.12



      I've been running in fullscreen lately as in windowed mode the game will freeze on me.



      When I first tried fullscreen mode with the crimson drivers installed, I was getting about 10fps in the menu and in game. I got fullscreen working with a proper framerate about a week ago, I had done a full cleanup of the drivers and reinstalled them. Things were great.



      Two days ago, I boot up the game, and it is getting 10 fps again. I tried the following:

      -Tweaked and changed about every setting in the Grim Dawn AMD profile

      -Disconnected my 2nd and 3rd monitors

      -Disabled the grim dawn profile in AMD software


      None of that worked. I then rebooted and tried again (with 3 monitors on), it was working fine.



      Yesterday I played with no problems.



      Today I boot up the game and get the slow frame rate. I tried:


      -Re-enabling the AMD profile for grim dawn, reboot

      -Going to windowed mode and back to full screen, reboot


      None of that's working.



      Ill probably go windowed mode and live through the freezing for the time being, but if anyone has suggestions on something I can do, please let me know.