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Is there somebody work in AMD support?

Question asked by vladimir on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by vladimir

What we tried:

1. Report in Media SDK forum. No one respond there. Ok, guys suggested to submit report with AMD report form - or report in this forum.

2. Report here. No one respond.

3. Report with AMD report form. Got automatic reply that report submitted and that's it. No report id, no one tried to contact back to ask some more details or say that AMD aware already, etc.

4. Add comments in MS that some DirectX API doesn't work and hope that AMD drivers will not pass WHQL.


However, we have many other AMD issues. We have:

a) Critical issues that we report first. That will affect a lot of users.

b) Some special cases. For example, we see DXVA2 crashes in amd driver.


Since there absolutely zero response on critical issues we doubt it makes sense to report all other issues. Because when we report, first thing you will ask is to update mediasdk, install latest drivers, etc. I don't do this myself and I assign this to testers. Finally they able to reproduce problem again and report back to me to report here. At that time you have already new driver or new sdk and we need to start test again. Or we find another way to report and also start test again.


In compare with NVidia support, we getting very fast responses from NVidia and all issues solved. Intel support is also good.

This is very logical that even if AMD graphics cards cheaper or have more advantages, people choose NVidia still. Because if you have NVidia graphics card - everything will work as expected. I think AMD can change this if just start to communicate with developers more actively.


Can you please provide me some contact information how I can report all issues that we have more effectively?