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R7 265x issue or Drivers issue?

Question asked by shinessplw on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2016 by shinessplw

Hey guys, I'm new to the amd community, 3 months ago my GTX 550Ti died and I decided to give amd a try and dont be biased by comments so I got a R7 265 Dual Vapor X, It runs nice, games plays good, colors looks good, It was all nice till recently whenever I go full screen I start getting this huge pixels following by a black screen, Music works, I can hear my friends on Teamspeak and all that But the screen's just black, what I usually do is just log off and back in, it happens even with youtube videos, If I'm not watching any videos or something it goes good, What I've done so far to try to fix it: Downloaded the latest drivers "radeon-crimson-15.12-win8.1-64bit" , I also tried downloading the latest catalyst but it says I already have the best driver installed on my pc, uninstalling and installing back again, and still the problem persist, At this point I dont know if the card has gone bad or is the drivers that's giving me the problem, Should I clean the card and see if it works?, Or Should I roll back to an older driver? in any case where can I get older drivers? Here's my pc specs if it works for something CPU-Z VALIDATOR


Thanks in advance