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Field of View: is more really better?

Question asked by dirtyprank on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2016 by daustroamd

The FOV slider: one of the key adjustments that sets PC gaming apart from rigid and limited consoles. Many PC gamers will throw fits of rage if a title releases without this option, and the hardcore usually turn it up as high as possible. But is that really better?


Increasing the field of view provides more peripheral vision, but the focal point in the center of the screen appears farther away and smaller. Doesn't that reduce your advantage? Additionally it just looks weird, especially when turning. 90 degree angles such as wall corners look more acute at the edge of the screen, but open up in the middle. The "fisheye" effect is disorienting, at the least.


After playing around with it, I find that I usually prefer a lower FOV, around 70 degrees, which many shooters will default to. Am I crazy?