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ubuntu full screen recordin OBS/FFmpeg

Question asked by shagii on Jan 6, 2016
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I'am trying to record games on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) using OBS but it does not work when I try to record a game in full screen. I also tried using another program called SimpleScreenRecorder and it gives the same problem but full screen recording does work when using the opensource drivers (but with that driver the performance is really bad) so it seems that the problem lies with the AMD drivers.


A workaround is putting the game you want to record in windowed mode with the drawback that the performance goes down and it does not look nice.


System information


OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-bit)

GPU: AMD R9 270 (Club 3D)

GPU Driver: Crimson Edition 15.12


How to recreate the problem


- Have a R9 270 GPU

- Install proprietary drivers

- Install OBS or SimpleScreenRecorder

- Run any game in full screen

- Record

- Watch the recorded file


I hope that the developers can fix it and keep us updated,


Yours sincerely,