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Witcher 3 CFX Scaling

Question asked by zealotki11er on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by zealotki11er

Been holding off finishing the game because how bad CFX scales for me. I heard SLI scales well in this game. I got Witcher 3 since launch and tested it with every driver since then. Up to a certain patch there was flickering but that was fixed. After game patch 1.07 CFX scaling was nonexistent. I could tolerate 45-55 fps @ 1440p but now that I moved to 4K it's really bad. GPU usage does not go over 55% for both cards and CPU is under 20%. What is odd is how the fps jumps. Never seen this behavior with other games. Just looking at something without moving I get 25 fps, 35 fps and 45 fps. Not sure if its a driver problem or game problem. The fact that SLI works lead me to bealive its a driver problem but then since game patch started this problem it could be the game. Either way this is my favorite game of all time and I think AMD should fix it before the next Expansion.



Edit: My friend over that explains the problem. It basically happened after patch 1.07 was released.


Witcher 3 (1.07 Patch) AMD Crossfire Performance Warning.