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Windows 10 64bit - Crimson 15.12 stuck at driver install and deinstall (R9 Nano)

Question asked by lemmyx0 on Jan 6, 2016
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I tried installing the old crimson 15.11 Win 8.1 driver on my Win 10 system and failed. Since then I can't make a clean installation or deinstallation of the Win 10 crimson 15.12 driver. The install/deinstall utility always get stuck at 2%, even when I boot windows in safe mode. The "AMD install manager" is visible in the program and features menu. I was able to install the drivers manually by using the windows device manager. However now I'm missing the driver tools that allow me to manage profile for several games etc.


You might ask, why I tried to install a Win 8.1 driver on a Win 10 system in the first place. Well, I'm playing Elite Dangerous and like for every other user with a Windows 10 system and a ATI graphics card, the game is unplayable due to the "super cruise bug". The official workaround was to try an old Win 8.1 driver. But I didn't think about, that maybe there was no compatibility with my relatively new graphics card.


I hope someone can help me with my problem.