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Lenovo Y700 - How to enable Freesync?

Question asked by delryn on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by delryn

I just got this laptop which I thought would have Freesync according to this announcement. I updated to 15.12 Crimson Drivers, and switchable graphics works fine, but there is screen-tearing in games.


Does this model not actually support Freesync? Or, if so, how do I enable it for games?


Edit: I am able to get FreeSync to work, once, maybe.


On a desktop, you simply go to the Radeon Settings > Display and flip FreeSync to "On". However, the R6-based APU does not support FreeSync, only the discreet GPU (R9 M385X) does.


I do a clean boot of the computer, load up the Unigine Heaven benchmark and sometimes Freesync will work. If I close and immediately relaunch the application, screen tearing becomes easily noticeable. How on Earth do I insure this thing will use Freesync? It's the only reason I chose this less powerful laptop over its much more powerful Intel/Nvidia brothers of the same Y700 model.