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Counter Strike Frame issues

Question asked by dwdeus on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by dwdeus

so i have my laptop where i have an I7, 8gb ram and amd r7 370, i can play games like rainbow six siege fine, however on counter strike global offensive i struggle to keep 50 frames. so i disabled my drivers and ran it on my integrated 128mb. im able to keep 100 frames solid, i messed around with cs settings ect to no luck, so i re-installed my drivers and again got no luck.


i have played about with this for a few hours and my GPU doesn't get above 50 frames but my integrated GPU can hit 100.


any ideas?


like i said i re-installed drivers ect.

i did have a quick look online but didnt get anywhere, i have tried setting everything to maximum for both my integrated and dedicated card to force it to use my dedicated.