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AMD’s next-generation Polaris GPU architecture unveiled

Question asked by kingfish on Jan 6, 2016

""Now, we’re finally going to talk about the third prong of AMD’s 2016 strategy. Say hello to Polaris — AMD’s official fourth-generation GCN architecture (Tahiti, Hawaii, and Tonga/Fiji were are being defined as generations 1-3).

The new name refers to AMD’s desire to power “every pixel on every device efficiently.” The company notes that “stars are the most efficient photon generators of our universe,” and claims that this is the inspiration behind the new GPU. The major features of fourth-gen GCN are laid out in the chart below.""


Polaris: Built on 14nm FinFET

We’ve expected this announcement for quite some time, but RTG confirmed it in December — the next-generation Polaris will be built on 14nm FinFET. This offers a number of concrete advances over 28nm planar silicon, including less variation in transistor performance, improved speeds, and better leakage characteristics.