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R9 280X HDMI no Sound

Question asked by snowwulf on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by snowwulf

Alright boys here is the problem.


Today I decided to hook up my Toshiba 40´´TV with my XFX R9 280X, the picture is clear and fine but no sound.


When I enter my Sound settings my TV is getting detected and I also can choose to make it my primary sound source. Well for whatever reason the 280X thinks the TV has no audio channels. This cannot be true cause when I use my old Laptop and HDMI everything works perfectly fine.


When I asked Google, alot of people are seemingly getting problems with HDMI Sound on the 280X.


Relevant Hardware:

Biostar TP67B+

Realtek Audio Chipset

XFX R9 280X

Toshiba 40´´TV


Driver Packaging Version


Radeon Software Version





What I tried:

-Checked Cable

-Checked drivers

-Disabled every sound adapter in my System except for AMD stuff.


Now any ideas whats going on, or how I can persuade the 280X that my TV have speakers?