Switched from win7 to win10, need help with multiple display presets please.

Discussion created by watashi420 on Jan 5, 2016

Hello all, thanks for taking a look at my problem.


I recently updated my OS from win7 to win10. I use the AMD Radeon control center. As someone with dual monitors (connected via DVI) and a TV (connected via HDMI) I was able to create shortcuts to monitor presets.


As in: I had monitor one as main monitor with monitor two as extended desktop with my TV disabled and i could assign button presses to enable this preset. I also then had a preset where both monitors were disabled and i had my TV as my main display, and I could enable this preset with a button press.


When changing to the win10 Radeon Control center there are different options. If i click on display i can see a few options, and on the top i can click additional settings, where i can see presets, but i cant seem to get them to work like i did before. (as in i can make a preset, but i can't seem to use it after it is made, nor can i assign hotkeys.


I am hoping i am maybe missing something and that i'll be able to make presets, and assign them to hotkeys again because it was much easier for me to press three buttons on my keyboard rather than having to open the options and go through the arduous process of disabling each monitor individually and then enabling the tv, to then assign a main display ect ect ect such a pain.


Thanks for your time