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Intel and AMD graphics with Windows 10

Question asked by bspaanstra on Jan 5, 2016
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Afternoon all,


I work as IT support for a company that uses various models of HP laptops. We primarily use a docking station/dual monitor setup for majority of in house employees. We have recently begun upgrading people to Windows 10 but have had to put a hold on doing so because employees (myself included) that use an HP Elitebook 850 G1 have display driver issues after upgrading to Win 10. We run AMD Radeon 8750m along side Intel HD Graphics Family (I believe it is 5000 series). If you have the laptop closed, docked, and then boot from docking station, the Intel driver stops working and when you un-dock, the laptop monitor doesn't return and you either have to re-dock to shut down, or just perform a hard shut down. This is not ideal as people are frequently in need of just un-docking and going to catch meetings.


After consulting with HP, they have determined that it is not an Intel problem, but a problem with the way the AMD driver interacts with the Intel driver. Just curious to know if anyone else has encountered this trouble and found any way to get it working or if any AMD employees that frequent the support forums have any idea if there are any driver updates coming in the very near future.




Further info:

We've tried various ways to try and get the unit to work the way it should. Including rolling back drivers, having the latest drivers for everything (BIOS, chipset, etc.), starting from a fresh hard drive and updating, uninstalling and re-installing both intel and amd drivers, and trying different ways of docking and booting the pc. The only way we can get it to work is as follows. Laptop is off, open laptop, dock, turn on using docking station power button, then close laptop to use dual monitors (or leave open to have 3). By doing this and only this, you can then un-dock the computer and use it as a normal laptop.