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    main monitor not working due to eyefinity


      Hey there....


      So today updated my graphics driver and got the new awesome crimson UI. Amazed as I was I couldnt find a way to disable my second screen (a TV). Hidden somewhere at additional settings I found some Multi monitor/Eyefinity Settings. I'm not sure what I did there, what I guess is that I tried to use the eyefinity setup because it told me somthing like "any other display than the selected (the PC-Monitor) will be switched off", great, this is what i want. But what happened was that both didnt work anymore ("input not supported"). Only the TV-Screen alone is still working. When I switch on the PC-Monitor, the TV-Screen flickers and shortly after both say they get an unsupported input. It seems like, that always if it sees a second display, it falls back on these wrong resolutions for both displays.


      So... I guess I somehow need to undo these changes, unfortunately it doesnt show the eyefinity menu in the additional settings as long as there is only one display attached and if I switch on the second... well i can't see anything again... but for split seconds in the flickering I guess I see the menu. So... great stuff AMD, how can I fix this?


      What I tried:

           -restore to factory settings ... didn't do anything

           -Uninstall the driver package-  restart - Get the good old catalyst again, didnt work, same issue

           -get into safe mode, here it works... but only in safe mode with 1980s resolutions

           -try to find something useful on the AMD page... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


      I'd appreciate any help, and hope my english was understandable, otherwise feel free to ask what I mean.

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          I figured out the problem was that indeed it somehow automatically kept applying the wrong resolution to my main monitor and switched off the second (that's probably what I did in the eyefinity control settings).

          Than I switched to the windows display settings, where you can arranged displays like I actually wanted to in the first place, the problem here is the same it doesnt show you any options for the second display unless its connected. So I switched on the display, everything was nice and dark and did screenshots to see what options i got here. I figured out it tried to use my main monitor only with the wrong resolution (the TV-Resolution, too high for my nice CRT) .


          Finally I found a way to maneuver through the settings blindly using shift+tab and and Enter combinations.


          So... I hope this can either help others who stumble in the same mess or give a hint to these geniuses who create such awesome software.